Construction Executive Asks Us to Share our Lean Construction Advice

Running a lean construction business can help you gain several competitive advantages. Construction Executive magazine invited lean construction industry vendor Deb Hilmerson to share her advice on eliminating, or at least minimizing, the eight most common areas of waste in lean construction. Hilmerson has spent much of her career working with construction industry leaders

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Why Every Commercial Contractor Should Be Using Reusable Safety Systems

“Reusable safety systems don’t fall into the ‘nice if you can afford it’ column. They actually save money by reducing costs and inefficiencies, as well as providing additional revenue streams,” wrote Hilmerson Safety® President and CEO Deb Hilmerson. In her exclusive article for Construction Executive Magazine: “Why every commercial contractor should be using reusable safety

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Lean Safety on the Jobsite

Lean Safety is the all-important plank of the 6S System. What is 6S? As an equation: 6S = 5S + Safety. President & CEO of Hilmerson Safety®, Debra Hilmerson, explains the direct correlation of eliminating the 8 Wastes with improved safety and discusses how “Lean” and “Safety” are interconnected and the three ways they support

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Trade Publication Asks us to Share our Expertise in Jobsite Safety

Deb Hilmerson’s passion for safety – along with 30 years of construction experience – drove her to develop next-generation safety equipment that’s changing the industry. We appreciate Construction Best Practices’ invitation for Deb to share some of her expertise with general contractors across the U.S. in this article.General contractors have a complex job. Hilmerson stressed

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Hilmerson Asks Readers: Would Your Jobsite Pass a Safety Inspection?

Construction inspections comprise 60% of OSHA’s total inspections. Our non-fatal injury rates are 71% higher than other industries. For this article "Do's & Don'ts from the Field: Would Your Jobsite Pass a Safety Inspection?" in Construction Superintendent, Deb Hilmerson stressed that because better solutions now exist, now may be a good time to reevaluate jobsite

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The Evolution of Leading-Edge Fall Protection

8 Reasons Why Industry Leading General Contractors Are Turning Away From Job-Built Wooden Safety Rails As the carpenter foreman completes his daily inspection of the wooden guardrail system, he notices a section where the toeboard is missing.  A little farther down the line of the leading-edge guardrail he notices a busted top rail. In a

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The Hilmerson Safety Rail System™: Where 5S Methodology and Construction Safety Intersect

Dan Hannan, CSP and Debra Hilmerson As 5S methodology and lean building practices become more wide spread in the construction industry, there is a growing need for smart safety solutions that are designed to align with lean building practices. Originally developed by the Japanese in the early 1900’s, the 5S methodology aims for systematic order

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