The contractor was hired to provide remediation services to a confidential client. The customer chose the robust Hilmerson Barrier Fence System™ to provide perimeter security protection for the project. They were also required to provide sound isolation to contain the noise during the construction process. Hilmerson Safety® partnered with Acoustiblok, A NASA “spinoff” Listed Company, because of the quality & the integrity of the product, because the size of the material fit the Hilmerson Barrier Fence System™ perfectly, and because the product is made in the USA.

The Hilmerson Safety Rail System™ will provide robust, engineered fall protection when working near/around trenches, open holes and locations where OSHA compliant fall protection is required.

Bringing perimeter fencing in-house saves time, money and project schedule.  The customer will be able to reuse the product on future construction projects. Using the Hilmerson Safety Rail System™ in leu of typical wood guardrails will save time and money.

Barrier Fence System Side Saddle Bracket Hilmerson Safety

General Contractor: Northstar I&E, Inc.
Date: October 2021 – Current
Hilmerson Products Deployed:
Hilmerson Barrier Fence System™ – 756 lf of 12’6’ x 6’ robust fence panels, 180 6” patented Side Saddle Brackets™ plus (4) 12’6 x 6’ access gates. Acoustiblok Soundproof Panels 800 lf 6’ x 30’ black stc (sound transmission class)-28.

Hilmerson Safety Rail System™ – HLM-KITWBR – 200 lf or 10’ guardrail panels, weighted bases,

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