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How Are You Taking Better Care of Our Planet?

Commercial Construction Industry Embracing Sustainability I’ve long believed it’s our responsibility to protect our planet. It is exciting to see the commercial construction industry’s willingness to embrace sustainability, often through LEED-certified projects. Hilmerson Safety® is proud to have deployed

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How Green Is Your Dumpster?

Back when I visited construction job sites around the country as a safety consultant, it drove me crazy to see 2 x 4s used for safety guardrails, then tossed into landfills. That’s our environment going to waste! While most

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Deb Hilmerson Featured in Fence News Article

President and CEO, Deb Hilmerson, was featured in the July 2022 issue of Fence News USA. In this article, Deb talks about how she found her passion for construction safety, being a woman in the industry, and more. Check

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Hilmerson Barrier Fence System™ Featured in Fence News USA

Hilmerson Safety® was featured in the July 2021 issue of Fence News USA. Check out the article "Protecting the Largest Infrastructure Project in Kansas City History" to learn more about the project and the Hilmerson Barrier Fence System™. Read

Finance & Commerce Interviews Deb Hilmerson

This is how construction industry safety innovation happens What does college basketball have to do with construction site safety? As President/CEO Deb Hilmerson entered her 30th year in the construction industry, she sat down with Finance & Commerce reporter

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Hilmerson Safety® Featured in Professional Safety Journal: “Lean to the Rescue”

Hilmerson Safety® was featured in the September 2019 Professional Safety Journal. Check out Dan Hannan's article "Lean To The Rescue" about how utilizing lean principles can save an organization money while reducing risk. Read Full Article at Professional Safety

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How to Develop a Safety Strategy

How to Develop a Safety Strategy  Dan Hannan, CSP A strategy establishes the broad means and methods of how business will be conducted to achieve progress and attain goals.  Approaching something strategically implies calculated decision-making.  Strategies are forward-looking and develop

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