Safety Rails That Pay

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See how our customers have improved safety and their bottom line with the Hilmerson Safety Rail System™.

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“I strongly recommend the Hilmerson Safety Rail System™ and am a huge fan!

On my most recent project, the city refused to give us our Building Final until we installed guardrails at all locations on the roof with equipment located closer than 6’ from the edge. The architect advised us where they wanted guardrail installed and left the rest up to us.

I reached out to Hilmerson Safety®. After Deb educated me as to the right products, we installed the guardrail system and it worked perfectly. It was exactly what we needed and being in a rush we got the material in less than a week’s time – an all-around wonderful effort. And, to top it off, me being new to this system, I called Deb many times and always got the answer to my question and always with a friendly and helpful reply.”

– Jay Hamel, Project Executive, Turner Construction Company