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Pro Screen+ Offers Touchless Health & Safety Screening for Construction Job Sites

COVID response measures in the workplace are imperative for the health and safety of all workers. Employers are challenged with changing guidelines and implementing policies quickly and responsibly.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends daily in-person or virtual screening in a manner that respects social distancing and the privacy of individual employees.

The Pro Screen+ biometric and touchless solution addresses COVID response measures while offering additional time, attendance and security features that improve safety and efficiency on your job sites.

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  • Construction Employee Checkpoint COVID Temperature and Mask Checker
  • Construction Employee Checkpoint COVID Temperature and Mask Checker
  • Pro Screen+ Hilmerson Safety
  • Pro Screen+ at job site Hilmerson Safety

Hilmerson Safety™ provides solutions to everyday challenges on construction jobsites.  We know jobsite access and attendance can be tedious and time consuming. And, with the added concern of the COVID-19 pandemic, contractors have been challenged with integrating health and safety protocols into their policies.

The Problem:
Outdated, Manual Access & Attendance Procedures

  • Jobsite time and attendance traditionally is managed on pen, paper and clipboard. Rain and paper do not mix.

  • Jobsite access procedures require many touch points and close contact interactions.

  • Recent protocols require contractors to conduct visitor and worker health screening upon arrival.

  • Quickly and efficiently processing the flow of workers and visitors in a construction trailer while maintaining social distancing is difficult.

  • Time and attendance logging is difficult on busy job sites with many workers in and out – making contact tracing and incident/accident response challenging.

The Solution:
Electronic, Touchless Access & Attendance with Health Screening

  • Simple to implement, electronic, networkable, biometric facial recognition for attendance with optional temperature screening mounts in or outside construction trailer.

  • Touchless operation allows for social distancing and efficient logging.

  • Proactive, optional digital health questionnaire can be filled out on visitor’s/worker’s device via a QR Code prior to jobsite arrival.

  • Superintendents confidently have in-the-moment time and attendance at their fingertips.

  • Exposure can easily be traced and quickly communicated with optional saved attendance log.


Fast. Touchless. Safe Access.

“If you are thinking about how to easily implement COVID health screening on your job sites – Pro Screen+ is your solution!  It’s super simple to implement, scans and reads even when workers have their safety gear on, and it has benefits beyond temperature and mask screening like time and attendance that will increase efficiency and security on your job sites .”

– Deb Hilmerson, President and CEO/Hilmerson Safety

Your Biometric Checkpoint Solution for Workers & Visitors

COVID Screening & Tracing

Screen body temperature and face mask presence. Mitigate risk with COVID responsible measures: health screening, social distancing, & contact tracing.


Control worker and visitor access through facial recognition and condition screening.

Time & Attendance

Track worker productivity with biometric check-in/check-out. Exportable, real-time reporting and dashboard.

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Automated Body Temperature Screening

Eliminate the payroll expense of hand screening jobsite workers ($30 – $50+ per hour)
  • Alerts/denied access for elevated temperature

  • Audio and visual reporting of body temperature

  • Touchless operation

  • Scan log, history & reporting of screenings

  • Adjustable temperature threshold

  • Deny jobsite or facility access through integration with your existing access control system

Time & Attendance Solution

Eliminate traditional “walk-the-job” visual attendance recorded on a clipboard
  • Biometric record keeping of time and attendance

  • Touchless operation

  • Create employee profiles, groups & work schedules

  • Realtime reporting of overtime, punctuality, and labor statistics

  • Exportable reporting files to your payroll solution

  • Integrate with an existing access control system

  • Network multiple devices across multiple jobsites

Visitor & Stranger Management

  • Screen, control and monitor visitors

  • Historical reports and logs of all events

  • Dashboard monitoring of visitor/customer counts in your workplace

  • Identify an “unknown” person

  • Monitor return to work protocols

  • Create alerts for certain individual presence

  • Identify ex-employees or problem customers/visitors

Simple Deployment, Networkable

  • Ready to use right out of the box as a standalone device, or Network multiple devices across multiple jobsite locations or campuses

  • Create custom groupings of devices

  • Remote access and control of each device

  • Integrate system with your existing access control technology

  • APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need power to use the Pro Screen+ device on a job site?2020-07-30T14:56:50+00:00

Yes, Pro Screen+ requires 110 power to operate.

Does the Pro Screen+ device require an internet connection?2020-07-30T14:57:37+00:00

No.  Internet is not required for device functionality.  The device is wifi and blue tooth enabled and comes standard with an ethernet connection.

Do people have to touch the device to get screened?2020-07-30T15:04:02+00:00

No.  Pro Screen+ operates completely touchless minimizing the risk of contact transmission.

Is there an option to implement specific health screening questions within the system?2020-08-04T15:22:15+00:00

Yes.  Pro Screen+ has an add-on feature that allows customers to customize a set of health screening questions to be answered as a requirement for entry.  A digital record of the questionnaire answers for each person entering can be sent to a customer/group specific email address.

How can I save the results captured from the Pro Screen+ device?2020-07-30T15:03:45+00:00

Pro Screen+ provides on-device storage of screening records and can be easily networked for local storage, or pushed to the cloud depending upon how you choose to configure your local network.

Can I deny access to my jobsite/work location?2020-07-30T15:03:25+00:00

Yes, dependent upon your access control solution in use.  Pro Screen+ can be easily integrated with access control systems to restrict access to your facility based upon your policies.

Can the Pro Screen+ integrate into existing security systems?2020-07-30T15:03:06+00:00

Yes.  Pro Screen+ is designed to integrate with all types of access control systems.  Pro Sceen+ comes with Wiegand ports for integration with most solutions.

Can the Pro Screen+ be used with or without face coverings, hard hats, or safety glasses?2020-07-30T15:02:46+00:00

Pro Screen+ face mask detection can be turned on or off with a few mouse clicks.

Can the Pro Screen+ detect changes in appearance such as if a person grows a beard?2020-07-30T15:02:27+00:00

Pro Screen+ extremely sophisticated biometric facial recognition feature allows for accurate detection despite the presence of a typical face mask or beard growth.  Pro Screen+ can differentiate between a photograph and a real person.

Can I monitor multiple locations and devices?2020-07-30T15:02:03+00:00

Multiple Pro Screen+ devices can be networked to control multiple entrances/exits, as well as multiple locations, with monitoring from any network enabled computer.

Can I turn off the temperature screening functionality and just use the time/attendance features?2020-08-04T17:19:45+00:00

Temperature screening is an optional feature that can be turned on/off with a few mouse clicks.

Do outside temps effect the temperature result?2020-07-30T15:01:23+00:00

Pro Screen+ is rated for outdoor use and can be effectively deployed on construction sites.  Outside air temperatures will not affect the temperature reads, however, hot weather may increase the body temperature of those being scanned.  We recommend installation outside of direct sunlight for best performance.

What’s the margin for temperature error?2020-07-30T15:00:57+00:00

Pro Screen+ has a margin of error of 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

What if I need help setting up the Pro Screen+ configurations or implementing the device into an existing entrance system?2020-07-30T15:00:39+00:00

We can preset the configuration or walk your IT team thru the integration.

Is there a charge for help with integration?2020-07-29T18:47:50+00:00

Most integrations with access control systems are very simple and can be managed with little or no remote support.  More complex integrations may require additional support that can be determined on a case by case basis whether additional costs are necessary.

How can I get notified of a positive temperature result?2020-07-29T18:47:50+00:00

Immediate alerts can be sent to an individual or group via their cell phone email alert technology.

With the attendance feature can I set a max number of people who can be on the job site?2020-07-29T18:47:50+00:00


Can I have multiple devices at different access points on the job that are connected to the same network?2020-07-29T18:47:50+00:00


Can I turn off the data tracking so I’m not storing personal health information of employees, subcontractors and/or visitors?2020-08-04T15:35:08+00:00

Yes, each customer can choose how they want to track and store data.  Pro Screen+ preforms only a body temperature screening, and is not a clinical device as defined by the FDA.  It is not intended to be used as a medical device, only a system to determine if clinical screening of a person’s body temperature is advisable.

Is the Pro Screen+ water resistant?2020-07-30T14:58:23+00:00

Pro Screen+ is IP65 rated which means it is water resistant, not waterproof.  The device should not be exposed to direct contact with water/rain.

Is Pro Screen+ temperature sensitive?2020-07-30T14:57:07+00:00

Pro Screen+ is rated to function in temperatures up to 107.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the Pro Screen+ is installed outside, does it need coverings, shielding, etc?2020-07-30T14:57:56+00:00

Pro Screen+ is rated for outdoor use, however, it is recommended that it be installed under covering for optimal performance.

Pro Screen+ at job site Hilmerson Safety
Pro Screen+ at job site Hilmerson Safety
Pro Screen+ at job site Hilmerson Safety

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