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Construction Barrier Fence Protects Xcel Energy Street Project

Q3 Contracting, a Primoris Company, is taking charge of traffic control as Xcel Energy embarks on manhole and duct line projects at the busy intersection of Robert and 5th in downtown St. Paul, MN. Given the high volume of pedestrians attempting to cross the street, it became evident that some would resort to hopping

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How to Apply the 5S “Shine” Method on Job Sites

Maintain Cleanliness and Organization on Job-Sites The "Shine" 5S Lean Approach On your construction site, safety should always be a top priority. One method that has gained recognition for enhancing safety in construction is the 5S method. In this blog post, we will delve into the "Shine" step of the 5S method, which

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How to Apply the 5S “Setting” Method on Job Sites

Eliminate Obstacles and Hazards The "Setting" 5S Lean Approach Whether you are an architect, engineer, general contractor, or trade contractor adopting a lean approach can reduce waste and optimize productivity and ultimately improve operational results. But, you need to stop and continually evaluate your methods, talk with your teams and brainstorm where you

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Revolutionizing Fall Protection: How Hilmerson Met a Growing Need for Henry Carlson Construction

In the world of construction, safety is paramount. Ensuring the well-being of workers and trade contractors during the construction process requires innovative solutions that not only meet safety standards but also streamline processes and save valuable time and resources. At Hilmerson, we recognized the limitations of traditional 2x4 wood guardrails and sought to create

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How to Apply the 5S “Sorting” Method on Job Sites

Reduce Waste and Optimize Productivity The Sorting 5S Lean Approach Successful contractors are constantly evaluating how they perform work to identify cost-saving measures. Yet, 70% of construction projects are over budget and delivered late*. How is your bottom line stacking up at the close of a project? Whether you are an architect, engineer,

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Austin-Bergstrom International Airport – Hilmerson Barrier Fence System™

Airport Perimeter Fence The client was engaged in a renovation project for a service building situated next to a fully operational airport, necessitating the installation of a highly durable airport security fence. To meet their requirements, they wisely invested in our Hilmerson Safety Barrier Fence™, a versatile solution designed for reuse across numerous projects.

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Pretred Showcases Barriers From Recycled Tires With Hilmerson Barrier Fencing

Sustainable Construction Barriers Made from Recycled Tires Pretred is an environmentally responsible company committed to inspiring sustainable development. They are “building a better way” by creating inventive solutions that utilize our waste streams that typically end in landfill and turning them into products that are high volume and high value. Pretred’s line of sustainable

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Catalina Island Airport – Hilmerson Free-Standing Construction Fence System™

The Hilmerson Free-Standing Fence System™ has made its way into a Catalina Island airport hangar. Sitting alongside a 1940’s vintage aircraft once owned by Philip K. Wrigley, the free-standing fence system is providing perimeter security and privacy screening at the Catalina Island Conservancy. The oldest and largest private land trust in Southern California deeded

Increased Security Needs Push Demand for Crowd Control Barriers on Construction Sites

Challenged with securing a temporary safety perimeter for crowd control on construction sites? Crowd control barriers need to be robust enough to protect your people and your assets. It’s not enough to just put up a barrier. Economy crowd control barriers may be more affordable and they do create a visual perimeter.

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Need to purchase concrete barriers that compliment our Hilmerson Barrier Fence System™?

Hilmerson's Preferred Concrete Barrier Provider Hilmerson has been referring customers to 48 Barriers for several years and they have become our preferred provider of concrete barriers. "We mostly appreciate their responsiveness," says Deb Hilmerson. "They have a great logistics group and can ship anywhere in the United States." Family

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