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Rooftop Safety Railing

Our robust and adjustable rooftop safety railing exceeds OSHA standards and is quick and easy to install. The Hilmerson Safety Rail System™ is American made of heavy duty 13g steel, hot-dipped galvanized inside and out and lasts 15+ years.

Hilmerson Safety® works with facility managers to survey rooftops and develop a site specific plan to make your roof safe and OSHA compliant. We will survey your facility’s rooftop and assess critical areas to create a comprehensive roof safety plan. Based on your specific needs and challenges, a comprehensive approach may include one or all of the following: Rooftop Safety Railing, Skylight Protections, Roof Hatch Protection.

Hilton Canopy Hotel - Austin, TX - Hilmerson Safety Rail System™

Hilmerson Safety Rail System™

  • Professionally Engineered

  • Galvanized for Long Life

  • Robust 70lb Bases

  • Zero Ongoing Maintenance

  • Exceeds OSHA Requirements

  • Professional Install Available

Common Edge Protection Needs

  • Skylight Protection

  • Leading Edge Protection

  • Elevation Change Protection

  • Roof Hatch Protection

  • Ladder Access Protection

  • Excavations/Below Grade


Skylight Protection

Did you know OSHA requires skylights to be protected?

Guarding your skylights is not only a best practice, it’s required by OSHA. Hilmerson Safety™ sells and installs cost-effective solutions to provide protection from falls through every type of skylight.

What Our Clients Say

“Hilmerson Safety® is an exceptional construction partner. Our mechanical inspector required additional roof guardrails to pass our final mechanical inspection on our high rise. We reached out to Debra and within a week, we had the panels shipped to us and installed on the roof of our high rise. The City approved the installation and OSHA certification and other safety documentation. This allowed us to pass the inspection. Her dedication and commitment to us was greatly appreciated. We will be sure to use Hilmerson Safety® again.”


I strongly recommend the Hilmerson Safety Rail System™ and am a huge fan! On my most recent project, the city refused to give us our Building Final until we installed guardrails at all locations on the roof with equipment located closer than 6’ from the edge. The architect advised us where they wanted guardrail installed and left the rest up to us. I reached out to Hilmerson Safety®. After Deb educated me as to the right products, we installed the guardrail system and it worked perfectly. It was exactly what we needed and being in a rush we got the material in less than a week’s time – an all-around wonderful effort. And, to top it off, me being new to this system, I called Deb many times and always got the answer to my question and always with a friendly and helpful reply.


Customer Success

See How Hilmerson Safety® Can Help

Rooftop Safety Guardrail Minnesota Hilmerson Safety Rail System
Rooftop Safety Guardrail Minnesota Hilmerson Safety Rail System
Rooftop Safety Railing Minnesota Hilmerson Safety Rail System
Rooftop Safety Guardrail Minnesota Hilmerson Safety Rail System

The Customer:

Large Suburban Public School District – Midwest

Their Challenge:  

The facility maintenance team at this public school district is responsible for a long list of building maintenance items. This includes rooftop equipment like roof drains, HVAC units, cameras, satellites, vents, fans, exhaust units, ladder access, roof hatches, etc., many of which are located near dangerous roof edges. The customer had many fall protection challenges on their facility roofs, and school maintenance employees and contractors frequently access rooftops to perform maintenance. Because the customer’s building lacked engineered and certified tie off points there were not many good options for fall protection. This customer was also looking for a non-penetrating solution that would not void the roof warranty or penetrate building façade.

The Hilmerson Safety® Solution:

The facility maintenance team at this large public school district chose the Hilmerson Safety Rail System™  to meet their unique fall protection challenges. By choosing a strategic combination of rooftop safety railing, weighted bases, and spanners, the facility maintenance team was able to eliminate fall hazards in critical maintenance areas without penetrating the roof or walls and allow their workers and contractors to perform routine maintenance without the burden of tie off and harnesses.

The Results:

As a result of deploying the Hilmerson Safety Rail System™, the maintenance team at this large public school has mitigated one of the most dangerous hazards in their facility, achieved OSHA compliance, and eliminated the need for active fall protection systems like harnesses and tie off points. Routine maintenance on the rooftop can now be performed safely knowing they are protected by an engineered fall protection system.

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