Improving the Efficiency of Leading-Edge Safety Methods in Construction 

Mobile Guardrail Cart Patent

Safety Rail Empty Cart for Hilmerson Safety Rail System™The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded Hilmerson Safety® U.S. Patent D959,085 S for its guardrail storage platform, the foundational mechanism of the Hilmerson Safety Rail System™ kit. Granted on July 26, 2022, the patent recognizes the invention of the reusable, galvanized steel mobile guardrail cart that provides contractors a new and efficient method of delivering, stacking, storing and transporting guardrails on high-profile job sites.

The OSHA compliant guardrail system is built Construction-Grade™ to prevent falls from height, the #1 cause of fatalities in construction. It’s built lean to safeguard the environment & increase worker efficiency. And, it’s built for the planet – for each kit sold Hilmerson Safety® donates 20 trees thru One Tree Planted a non-profit organization focused on reforestation.

“We purchased this product to use for the next 15 years or longer, and we are easily recouping our investment,” said Taylor Gunkel, Superintendent & Design Phase Manager at Mortenson. “I’ve never thrown away a piece of Hilmerson railing. It leaves the job in the same condition as it shows up. We just pick it up and store it on the cart. That’s very unique because every other piece of durable equipment on our job sites requires ongoing maintenance. Having the Hilmerson Safety Rail System™ in our inventory has definitely changed the way I plan and budget jobs.” 

How did the rail system come to be?

The Hilmerson team of experts spent two years in the field asking tradesmen and women, superintendents and equipment managers of top contractors: How do we make leading-edge fall protection better? The answer, “Get rid of these #!$@% 2x4s! Make a simple, easy to install and engineered OSHA Compliant safety system that’s actually affordable.” Hilmerson Safety® heard their demands and that boots-on-the-ground input led to the invention of the Hilmerson Safety Rail System™ storage cart.

About Hilmerson Safety

Hilmerson Safety® is a full-service safety product design and manufacturing company serving the construction industry. Since 2001 Hilmerson Safety® has been working with construction industry leaders and contractors to develop safe, lean, construction-grade™ products and solutions that add to the company’s bottom line.

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