Debra Hilmerson Reflects on Her Career in this NAWIC Article

When the National Association of Women in Construction invited Debra Hilmerson to write an article for its September / October 2020 issue (page 43/44), she knew she wanted to inspire readers to also become trailblazers and achieve their career goals. “I had some flexibility on the topic,” she recalls. “Ultimately, I decided to tell

Hilmerson Safety Awarded MN Company to Watch by Finance & Commerce

Women make an impact across Minnesota’s construction industry on job sites and behind the scenes. Finance & Commerce recognizes these construction leaders at the inaugural Top Women in Construction awards. “We report on the construction industry every day,” said Finance & Commerce Publisher Bill Gaier, “It’s a very male-centric industry, but we started hearing stories of

Deb Hilmerson Featured in Star Tribune: “Hilmerson, a Minnesota safety innovator, invents a better way to protect construction sites”

Article by Neal St. Anthoy, Photo by Glen Stubbe Star Tribune, July 26, 2020 Star Tribune feature credits Deb Hilmerson for giving industry safer options  Deb Hilmerson built Hilmerson Safety with the idea that investing in safety and sustainability prevents accidents and injuries, and saves construction companies money. Star Tribune Editor Neal St.

Hilmerson Safety™ Patents Side Saddle Bracket™

Innovation Secures Critical Perimeter Control & Efficiency for High-Profile Construction Sites The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded Hilmerson Safety™ U.S. Patent D885,868 for its barrier fence saddle mounting bracket, also known as the Side Saddle Bracket™. Granted on June 2, 2020, the patent recognizes the invention of the saddle mounting bracket that simplifies attaching fence panels

The Evolution of Leading-Edge Fall Protection

8 Reasons Why Industry Leading General Contractors Are Turning Away From Job-Built Wooden Safety Rails As the carpenter foreman completes his daily inspection of the wooden guardrail system, he notices a section where the toeboard is missing.  A little farther down the line of the leading-edge guardrail he notices a busted top rail. In

Hilmerson Safety™ Patents Mobile Guardrail Kit

Challenging the Status Quo of Leading-Edge Safety Methods in Construction The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded Hilmerson Safety™ U.S. Patent 10,597,057 for its safety rail cart system, also known as the Hilmerson Safety Rail System™ kit. Granted on March 24, 2020, the patent recognizes the invention of the reusable, galvanized steel mobile guardrail

Hilmerson Safety™ Featured in Professional Safety Journal: “Lean to the Rescue”

Hilmerson Safety™ was featured in the September 2019 Professional Safety Journal. Check out Dan Hannan's article "Lean To The Rescue" about how utilizing lean principles can save an organization money while reducing risk. Read Full Article at Professional Safety Journal