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New Modular Guardrail System Offers Construction-Grade™ Versatility

Got Fall Hazards? Find Yourself Needing Different Safety Rail Attachment Options to Protect Workers on Your Construction Sites? Leading edges, elevator shafts, excavations, trenches, parapet walls, retaining walls, roofs and access areas all pose different challenges. Or, are you still using 2 x 4’s, wire rope cable or traditional steel rails with single base

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Should You Ride Out Fluctuating Lumber Prices?

Lumber price volatility may be impacting more than your P&L statement. As Debra Hilmerson writes in this Construction Executive article, higher costs are also indirectly tied to jobsite safety and the skilled labor shortage. This time, change is mandatory. “It’s pretty much guaranteed that unless contractors make changes, the big hits to their bottom

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Family Handyman spotlights Deb Hilmerson

The Eleven Percent: Meet Debra Hilmerson, Jobsite Safety Pro A 30-plus year construction industry veteran, Debra Hilmerson actively encourages women to consider careers in the trades, and often mentors upcoming construction safety industry leaders and entrepreneurs. So, she was honored when Family Handyman asked to include her in its “11 Percent” series, named for

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2022 Trailblazers – Celebrating Women in Construction

Each year, Hilmerson Safety® celebrates women in the construction industry during Women in Construction (WIC) Week™ by sharing their stories. How did they start? Who mentored them? What were challenges they overcame? What would they do differently? What advice do they have for women entering the construction field? Defying stereotypes is nothing new

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Lumber Prices Once Again Trending Higher

After dropping last fall, lumber prices are once again trending higher. Deb Hilmerson’s article in Construct America Magazine reveals strategies that will help protect your business against fluctuating lumber prices as well as material and labor shortages. “If you’re still using 2x4s for construction safety rails and leading-edge fall protection, and didn’t plan for

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Hilmerson Safety® Empowers Women Entering the Construction Field, You Can Too!

The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) is dedicated to enhancing the success of women in the construction industry by building educations, careers, futures and lives ... and so is Hilmerson Safety®! Hilmerson Safety sponsors the NAWIC Annual Holiday Party that raises money in support of an annual scholarship donation to women who

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Safeguard the Bottom Line as Lumber Prices Rise

Ridiculously high lumber prices and untrained skilled workers can be a direct hit to your bottom line. In this article for Construction Executive, Deb Hilmerson commented on these financial and safety obstacles, and offered her experienced insights so you can be better prepared the next time something like this happens. While you may be

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Hilmerson Safety® Partners With One Tree Planted, Plants 4,200 Trees

The idea is simple but powerful.  Every 10’ guardrail panel sold equals one tree planted.  Since our product launched in 2018, the Hilmerson Safety Rail System™ has replaced over 360,000 linear feet of 2x4 lumber on construction sites around the country, supporting our customers' lean initiatives, sustainable building practices, and job site safety! In 2019,

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Hilmerson Barrier Fence System™ Featured in Fence News USA

Hilmerson Safety® was featured in the July 2021 issue of Fence News USA. Check out the article "Protecting the Largest Infrastructure Project in Kansas City History" to learn more about the project and the Hilmerson Barrier Fence System™. Read Full Article at Fence News USA

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