Expanding Your Construction Equipment Rental Fleet: Join Us at the 2024 ARA Show!

Calling All Construction Equipment Rental Companies! Are you ready to take your business to the next level? We've got an exciting opportunity for you to expand your rental fleet and boost your company's revenue stream. At Hilmerson, we recognize the growing demand for rental options in the construction industry, and we're actively seeking partnerships

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The Best Safety Rail for Roof Fall Protection

Roof fall protection is crucial for a range of reasons from protecting construction workers from falling over leading edges, to long-term protection for any person who gets access to the roof, or even for protecting skylights that could be a fall hazard. You Need Roof Fall Protection That Lasts When choosing a safety rail

Outlet Blank Cover For Construction

Electrical hazards are common on construction sites and pose a significant risk, so it's important to take safety measures that protect workers and comply with OSHA regulations. That is why your construction site needs the Current Cover™ Blank Plate – a product designed to address common electrical dangers on construction sites. Ensuring Safety

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Modular Barrier Fence System Offers Construction-Grade™ Versatility and Security

Looking for the latest innovation in barrier fencing? Does your existing barrier fence system damage easily or leave gaps for outsider access points or footholds? Is it difficult to handle and transport? Are fencing attachments damaging your barriers? High-rise construction, renovation and remodeling, airport construction, and securing pedestrian traffic near construction all pose different

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OSHA Guardrail Requirements Broken Down

Recognizing potential fall risks is just one way of maintaining a safe workplace, and it's crucial to understand the OSHA guardrail requirements to guarantee compliance on your job site. When choosing a guardrail system for your job, it’s important to pick one that is OSHA-compliant. Hilmerson has created the Hilmerson Safety Rail System™

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High-Rise and Roofing Construction Workers: 3 Ways to Eliminate Risk at Height

The construction industry is massive employing 8 million workers that build $2.1 trillion in structures annually.* However, the reward comes with risk. In 2021 there were 1,015 construction job related deaths with falls being the leading cause.* As an industry, it is our duty to lower the risk for our 8 million workers and

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Made In America.

Progress, Innovation, Durability, Simplicity, Made in America... This is the backbone of Hilmerson’s product portfolio. At Hilmerson Safety, we take pride in being Made in America. Our President & CEO, Deb Hilmerson, sets the tone for our approach: “Many of our predecessors’ “bend” guardrail or fencing with profits in mind from the lens

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“Sustaining” 5S Methodology in Construction

Sustaining Excellence Implementing the 5S Method's Sustain Step on Job Sites Is your construction site getting bogged down by lack of safety, efficiency, and organization?  The 5S method's "Sustain" step emphasizes the importance of sustaining processes that work to keep operations flowing. At Hilmerson Safety, our products are created to help you achieve

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