10 Story Parking Garage – Rochester, MN – Hilmerson Barrier Fence System™

The customer needed a robust perimeter barrier fence system that will surround an entire city block in Rochester, Minnesota.  The customer is building a 10-story parking ramp that will offer parking to 1,188 cars.  One major project requirement is to maintain a protective temporary walkway for pedestrians on three sides of the project.

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University of Minnesota – Lind Hall Renovation Project – Hilmerson Barrier Fence System™ & Hilmerson Free Standing Construction Fence System™

This high-profile, one-year project is located on the University of Minnesota Campus adjacent to the main pedestrian corridor. Superior perimeter protection is needed during construction operations. Hilmerson Safety's robust, construction-grade fencing systems will provide security, noise reduction and privacy screening to contain the construction area and debris. “Seeing the U of M Banner draped

Hilmerson Barrier Fence System™ Featured in Fence News USA

Hilmerson Safety® was featured in the July 2021 issue of Fence News USA. Check out the article "Protecting the Largest Infrastructure Project in Kansas City History" to learn more about the project and the Hilmerson Barrier Fence System™. Read Full Article at Fence News USA

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Delucca Fence Company, Inc. – Boston, MA – Hilmerson Barrier Fence System™

Delucca Fence Company of Methuen, Massachusetts needed a robust barrier fence system with embedded privacy screening and easy installations. As a fence supplier they wanted a fencing product they could use and reuse for years. General Contractor: Delucca Fence Company, Inc. Type/Industry: Highway, street and bridge contractor Date: September 2020 - current Hilmerson Products Deployed: 530lf

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Division Street Remediation – Chicago, IL – Hilmerson Barrier Fence System™

Customer needed a robust, construction-grade™ barrier fence system that could withstand the harsh Chicago weather.  The project is located near downtown and is a high-profile project with a confidential client who needed enhanced security and heavy duty privacy screening (6 mil black). Bringing in perimeter fencing in-house saves time, money & project schedule.  Customer will

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Wheeler Opera House Renovation Project – Aspen, Colorado – Hilmerson Barrier Fence System™

The Wheeler Opera House is Aspen's crown jewel, a national historic registry icon built in 1889. This multi-phase project consisted of a complete Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) overhaul with updated DDC controls that combined the removal and reconstruction of the original upper level balcony with a new state-of-the-art sound booth and projector system.

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Environmental Remediation – Stratford, CT – Hilmerson Barrier Fence System™

For this five-year project, Eagle Fence and Guardrail leveraged the robustness and ease of installation of the 13 g Hilmerson Barrier Fence System™ and its patented Side Saddle Bracket™. The customer loved the stability and longevity Hilmerson products provide. General Contractor: Eagle Fence & Guardrail Date: 8/3/2020 first installation – 5 year multi-million dollar

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Hilmerson Safety® Patents Side Saddle Bracket™

Innovation Secures Critical Perimeter Control & Efficiency for High-Profile Construction Sites The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded Hilmerson Safety™ U.S. Patent D885,868 for its barrier fence saddle mounting bracket, also known as the Side Saddle Bracket™. Granted on June 2, 2020, the patent recognizes the invention of the saddle mounting bracket that simplifies attaching fence panels

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Mountain Forge – Aspen, CO – Hilmerson Barrier Fence System™

Customer needed custom 5’x 12’ heavy duty barrier fence system that could accompany privacy screening for a mixed use facility (office/parking) in Aspen, CO. "Other contractors have commented they are envious of how nice our project fencing looks. I tell them to look no further than Hilmerson Safety® ! Hilmerson is awesome to do business

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KCI Airport Terminal Expansion – Kansas City, Missouri – Hilmerson Barrier Fence System™

Clark / Weitz / Clarkson wanted a durable long-lasting perimeter security fence to protect a 4-year-long project. The proposed 1 million-square-foot building is the largest infrastructure project in Kansas City history. It will include 39 gates with the ability to expand capacity to 50 gates in the future and a

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