Maintain Cleanliness and Organization on Job-Sites

The “Shine” 5S Lean Approach

On your construction site, safety should always be a top priority. One method that has gained recognition for enhancing safety in construction is the 5S method. In this blog post, we will delve into the “Shine” step of the 5S method, which focuses on maintaining cleanliness and organization on job-sites. At Hilmerson Safety, we understand the importance of this step, and our products are designed to help you achieve a safer, more efficient, and cleaner job site.

What is the “Shine” Step in 5S?

The “Shine” step of the 5S method emphasizes the importance of consistently keeping your workspace clean. It encourages the practice of cleaning as you go, ensuring that no messes are left behind.

How Can You Apply the 5S Shine Method on Job Sites?

The ultimate goal is to leave each space cleaner and more organized than you found it.

Are all tools and equipment used by your team operational ? Do you have a plan in place for periodically testing tools and equipment and fixing any broken equipment promptly?

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Our products at Hilmerson Safety align perfectly with the objectives of the Shine step in the 5S method. Here’s how:

Clean and Professional:

Our products help to create a cleaner and more professional-looking job site. Looks aren’t everything, but a messy site with a fallen over fence sends a negative message about the quality of your company and job site. The Hilmerson Safety® Stand-Alone Fence  and our barrier fence system are robust and Construction-Grade™ and their stability provide your construction zone with security and a professional appearance.

Simplicity and Reusability:

Safety Rail at Raymond James Stadium2×4 guardrails are messy.  Wood cut-offs , sawdust, or remaining parts that lay all over the job site can be tripping or fire hazards. Minimize mess and clean as you go with our Hilmerson Safety Rail System™ that requires just a few simple tools and components, stacks and stores in movable kits, and is engineered for quick installation.


Rusting construction products create a dirty and unpleasant-looking construction site. Hilmerson Safety products are constructed from heavy-duty hot-dipped galvanized steel. This durability ensures that our products can withstand the rigors of a construction site, reducing the likelihood of equipment damage or failure, which can lead to safety hazards.

At Hilmerson Safety, we are committed to helping you achieve cleanliness and efficiency through our simple-to-install, durable, and safety-focused construction-grade products.

By incorporating our solutions into your construction projects, you not only create a safer work environment but also promote professionalism on your job site. Together, we can build a safer and cleaner future for the construction industry.

About Hilmerson Safety

Hilmerson Safety® is a full-service safety product design and manufacturing company serving the construction industry. Since 2001 Hilmerson Safety® has been working with construction industry leaders and contractors to develop safe, lean, construction-grade™ products and solutions that add to the company’s bottom line.

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