Defying the notion that safety costs, rather than saves an organization money, Mortenson proves investing in simple, durable and reusable safety rail products increases efficiency, supports lean 5S methods, and PAYS!

The Hilmerson Safety Rail System™ was designed and engineered with feedback from construction industry experts with lofty goals in mind: Reinvent the guardrail to eliminate inefficiencies, cut costs, stop waste, generate quick and long-lasting ROI, and improve safety.

Mortenson is reusing 10 Hilmerson Safety Rail System™ kits – that is 5,000 lf of construction grade safety rail that once protected workers at the recently completed Allegiant Stadium (now home to the NFL Raiders). These kits were easily disassembled, inventoried, stacked and transported across the country to the new Nashville SC MLS stadium job site.

“We were able to install, maintain and remove the Hilmerson Safety Rail System™ for about 60% less labor than our traditional handrail. Our biggest benefit is the low maintenance.” – Superintendent, Mortenson

With the Hilmerson Safety Rail System™ in Mortenson’s fleet as owned equipment, Mortenson will earn income on this durable, long-lasting product by re-renting to future projects for 15+ years.

The Hilmerson Safety Rail System™ eliminates many recurring project-based costs and allows for quick recovery of acquisition cost and provides a significant return on investment. By purchasing and deploying our system and eliminating wooden 2×4 guardrails, initial cost can be recovered in as quickly as two project deployments.

Nashville SC, one the league’s newest expansion teams, will play in the largest soccer-specific stadium in the U.S. when their new home is completed in 2022. The stadium will be multi-functional with versatility to accommodate other premier events. The proposed seating capacity of 30,000 for soccer will also allow the MLS to have a destination stadium in one of the nation’s most vibrant cities to host larger events and matches. The stadium’s design will encompass the spirit of Nashville in its aesthetics, materials and function. While the facility will be state-of-the-art, it will blend within the historic architecture of the area and surrounding neighborhoods.

General Contractor: Mortenson / Messer Construction Joint Venture
Date: August 2020 – current
Hilmerson Products Deployed: 5,000 lf 10’ rail panels, adjustable rail panels, weighted bases, mobile carts and dolly’s.

Nashville SC MLS Stadium – Nashville, TN – Hilmerson Safety Rail System™
Safety Rail System Training Nashville SC Soccer Stadium
Hilmerson Safety Rail System™ Kits Nashville SC Stadium

Big THANK YOU to industry leaders Mortenson / Messer Construction Co. for inviting Hilmerson Safety® to participate in the 2020 Construction Safety Week at the new Nashville MLS Project! The Project Team did an amazing job planning the week with informative speakers, engaging activities for the craftworkers and trade partners and by handing out some pretty cool prizes!

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