Rafter is a 26-story, luxury high-rise apartment located at 333 Hennepin Avenue East in the Northeast neighborhood of Minneapolis. The building consists of six levels of heated parking, 283 apartment units and a seventh level amenity deck with a fitness center and pool. The exterior of the building will be primarily precast concrete with the first four levels being brick and the parking garage clad in metal panel. Construction will be completed in August 2019.

General Contractors: Mortenson
Date: January 2018 to current
Hilmerson Products Deployed: 2 Mobile Storage Carts, 600 Guardrail Panels (10ft) w/ Integrated Toe Boards, 600 Weighted Bases, 2 Weighted Base Dollies
The Challenge: Large general contractors have known for decades that building wooden 2×4 guardrails for fall protection on jobsites is inefficient and costly. Significant time and materials are wasted in the process and the end result is non-engineered fall protection that requires constant maintenance, and gets thrown away at the end of a job.

After deploying the Hilmerson Safety Rail System™ on all of the exterior leading edges for this project, the customer reported an approximate 60% reduction in guardrail installation and tear down labor while eliminating the use of approximately 25,000 linear feet of 2×4s. In addition to these savings, upon project completion the Hilmerson Safety Rail System will move on to the customer’s next projects for years to come.

 “We were able to install, maintain, and remove the Hilmerson Safety Rail System for about 60% less labor than our traditional 2×4 guardrail. The biggest benefit was the low maintenance.”

-Project Superintendent

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