Stand Alone Fence For Construction: Traditional Perimeter Fencing vs Reusable Heavy-Duty Fencing

Most of us in the construction industry have used the same style perimeter fencing for years and have come to expect it as the norm. Cheap, bending, falling over, messy sandbags. Have you ever wondered, “why do I keep using this $#!++% fence? Is there a better option?”

What is the difference between traditional perimeter fencing and reusable heavy-duty fencing?

Traditional Perimeter Fencing

Traditional temporary construction fencing is made with light 18g steel prone to damage and tipping over. It requires continual maintenance.  Traditional temporary fencing is easily breached and leaves your perimeter vulnerable. Sandbags leave a mess and cause potential tripping hazards.

Reusable Heavy-Duty Fencing

Installs in minutes, reusable, heavy-duty perimeter fencing is made of hot-dipped galvanized 13g steel and 2” square 9g chain link. The panels are maintenance-free and last 15+ years. They provide secure and professional perimeter protection. The Hilmerson Free-Standing Construction Fence System™ has a standard base option and also has an option for an engineered weighted 70 pound base. No sand bags required! This robust system withstands heavy winds and is easy to ship and reuse on future projects.

Stand alone fencing temporary vs reusable perimeter construction fencing

Reusable Stand Alone Fencing Can Provide Your Company With a New Revenue Stream

Create a new profit center by reusing and re-renting your Hilmerson Free-Standing Construction Fence System™ for subsequent jobs. The lifetime of this stand alone fence is 15+ years. Purchase the fencing as part of your equipment fleet. Reuse and re-rent the system for years, while earning rental income. Another benefit to bringing fencing “in house” is your control over the schedule – no more waiting for a rental company to deliver and install!

Hilmerson Safety Transporting Fencing to Aspen Colorado
Hilmerson Free-Standing Construction Fence System™ - Robust Temporary Fencing Innovation

Better Security, Noise Reduction, and Privacy

Heavy-duty fencing offers superior perimeter protection. Looks aren’t everything, but a messy site with a fallen over fence sends a negative message about the quality of your company and job site. The Hilmerson Safety® stand-alone fence is robust and Construction-Grade™ and its stability provides your construction zone with security and a professional appearance.

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