This high-profile, one-year project is located on the University of Minnesota Campus adjacent to the main pedestrian corridor. Superior perimeter protection is needed during construction operations. Hilmerson Safety’s robust, construction-grade fencing systems will provide security, noise reduction and privacy screening to contain the construction area and debris.

“Seeing the U of M Banner draped over Hilmerson Safety’s fencing feels like a full circle moment. As a student athlete at the University of Minnesota back in the 1980s, I vividly recall cutting through the Engineering School to get to basketball practice. I’d see all those really smart people, and think I wasn’t smart enough to be in those classrooms. But you never know where your career will take you. I am proud that my fencing is keeping current U of M students and faculty safe.” – Deb Hilmerson, President & CEO, Hilmerson Safety

General Contractor: Mortenson
Date: June 2021 – July 2022
Hilmerson Products Deployed:

Hilmerson Barrier Fence System™

  • 500 lf 10’ x 6’ Barrier Fence Panels w/100 @ 6” patented side saddle brackets™

Hilmerson Free Standing Construction Fence System™

  • 450 lf of 10’ x 6’ Free Standing Fence panels w/ 46 Non-penetrating weighted base plates.
  • 2 @ 12’ x 6’ Temporary Free Standing Fence Panel gates w/ mobile casters
  • 1 @ 3’ x 6’ Personnel Access Gate

The Hilmerson panels and gate systems looks great!  Couldn’t be happier!
-Project Superintendent and Equipment Yard Manager – Mortenson

More info about the University of Minnesota Lind Hall Project.

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