Are you a contractor looking for ways to improve construction site security while reducing your company liabilities?

Maybe you’ve had equipment stolen or suspect trespassers have accessed your site overnight. Or maybe you’re over-focused on production and have lost sight of your liability and risk that an unsecure job site presents to you and your workers.

A hidden or unforeseen risk for construction site security is a tipping perimeter stand-alone fence. We’ve heard many stories from contractors over the years using cheaper rental solutions of fence tipping on cars, tipping on equipment, and tipping on people!

A fallen fence also becomes a tripping hazard for those passing by. And ultimately, a falling fence becomes a breach for trespassing that can open the door to theft, vandalism, and arson resulting in:

  • Damaged Equipment
  • Unforeseen Worker Hazards and Injuries
  • Scheduling Delays
  • Negative Publicity
  • Unsatisfied Customers
Stand alone fencing temporary vs reusable perimeter construction fencing

Any of these scenarios result in a loss of income, time and reputation that could have been controlled with quality construction-grade™ fence.

Keep your jobsite organized, clean and secure with the robust Hilmerson Free Standing Construction Fence System™. Heavy duty 13g galvanized steel, 9g chain link, top clamps, optional weighted base (no sandbags needed), privacy screening and more!

  • Professional Appearance
  • Super-Fast Installation
  • Lean & Reusable
  • 15+ Year Life Span
  • Re-rent and Reuse for Years
  • Proudly Made in America

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