The company’s expanding portfolio of construction safety products is transforming how industry leaders do business

Stair/Slab Grabber

Hilmerson Safety is once again proving there are better ways to keep job sites safe, by announcing it has been granted a U.S. patent for its multi-use Stair/Slab Grabber. This is the eighth patent issued to Hilmerson, which began designing and manufacturing industry-changing, construction-grade safety products in 2001.

Safety, durability, ease of installation, lean, U.S.-made and OSHA-compliance are hallmarks of Hilmerson products. The adjustable Stair/Slab Grabber is no exception. Made of corrosion- and damage-resistant galvanized steel, they are used to install leading edge fall protection on 5 to 16-inch thick concrete slabs and for securing handrails on stairs. An anti-slip grip pad, swivel design and quick-adjust handle solve age-old challenges.

Stair/Slab Grabber Toeboard

“I am devoting my career to keeping workers safe while also enabling contractors — whom I consider my peers — to improve their bottom line,” comments President and CEO Deb Hilmerson. “I am just not going to put up with the status quo when I know there can be safer and more efficient ways to do things.”

Hilmerson explains that the current skilled labor shortage is making easy-to-use safety products even more essential than ever. “Using unskilled workers to install some of the more traditional safety products can result in safety and compliance issues. Someone could fall and die. You might be cited by OSHA. By making products that are simpler to install and use, we’re helping contractors mitigate these risks.”

Hilmerson Safety also holds multiple patents for its Guardrail System and Safety Rail Cart System, as well as patents for its Barrier Fence Saddle Mounting Bracket, Dual Post Base Plate and its Current Cover.

The Stair/Slab Grabber is compatible with Hilmerson Safety Rails.

Stair/Slab Grabber Configuration

Configurations vary based on stair dimensions

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