Simple Outlet Cover Innovation Allows Construction Workers to Work Safely Around Exposed, Energized Outlets & Switches

There’s a new outlet cover in town! The United States Patent & Trademark Office issued the patent on March 9th as USD912629 entitled Self-Adhesive Junction-Box Cover.  The award, Hilmerson Safety’s® second this year, recognizes the unique design of this simple solution to one of the most common electrical hazards in the construction industry – exposed, energized switches and outlets.

outlet covers for electric outlets on construction sites

“While performing OSHA compliance inspections for one of our clients I discovered a recurring electrical hazard that did not have a practical protective solution,” says Deb Hilmerson, Inventor and Hilmerson Safety® CEO.

“Superintendents were frustrated because there was not a safe, OSHA compliant, and economical temporary outlet/switch cover that still allowed workers to be productive. At the time the only options were to de-energize the circuit, which is not always practical or possible, or completely cover the outlet/switch which is too prohibitive. We started making prototypes and testing with the field until they were satisfied.”

During construction various trades remove plastic receptacle and switch covers to complete painting, wall covering, and related finish work. These uncovered receptacles expose workers to electrical hazards and are a direct violation of 1926.405(j)(1)(i).

Electrical hazards are one of OSHA’s most frequently cited standards. Exposed workers can experience serious injuries and even death and Contractors can face maximum fines up to $136,532 per violation.

Electrocution is also one of OSHA’s Focus Four hazards also knows as the “Fatal Four”.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Fatal Four were responsible for approximately 60 percent of all fatalities in the construction industry.


The Current Cover™ is a temporary safety cover with a peel and stick robust adhesive backing that secures firmly to the receptacle tabs that allows construction workers to work safely around energized outlets, switches and other electrical fixtures.

“We are currently working on a $34 million senior living facility called Cadence Olney, and ordered two sample packs of your Current Covers as a way to improve safety and efficiency in the field during construction.  The Current Covers work perfectly, are quick and easy to install and provide the safety measures we required on our jobsites.  We have been so pleased with how well these work, that we have placed another, larger order and will be recommending them to other field teams within Harkins.”

– Rob Maybach, Superintendent, Harkins Builders, Inc.

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