Fatal Four Hazards in Construction

Would you rather free fall from a high elevation, get crushed, get electrocuted or struck by a falling tool? In this Construction Executive article, Hilmerson President and CEO Deb Hilmerson shares her frustration that the same “Fatal Four” hazards in construction are still the most common causes of worker deaths on American construction sites, despite the fact that many of us have worked very hard to make safer options widely available.

“My team has spent thousands and thousands of hours working on improving fall protection equipment and solutions that work,” she writes. “We are on a mission to remove falls from the Fatal Four list. Who stands with us? Will you accept this challenge?” 

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OSHA’s Fatal Four

Read OSHA’s Fatal Four: Which One Is The Worst? to get her no-nonsense advice on creating a quality safety and health program, based on her extensive career experience. She covers everything from how to get workers to open up about safety concerns to tips on conducting hands-on fall hazard training.

“Bruises, scrapes and sore muscles may be part of the job description. But catastrophic injuries should not,” she concludes. “If we want to eliminate falls from the Fatal Four list, we must continue to allocate the necessary time, money and resources to protect our workers. Everyone on your site deserves nothing less.”

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