Back when I visited construction job sites around the country as a safety consultant, it drove me crazy to see 2 x 4s used for safety guardrails, then tossed into landfills. That’s our environment going to waste!

While most commercial construction companies now try to be more protective of our natural resources, it’s still a conversation we should have often. You may not have much say in the sustainability components of the finished building, but you do have control over your jobsite. You can minimize wooden railing, straps, pallets and other waste going into your dumpster.

Wooden Guardrail Construction Site
fall protection system safety rail

In my article published by Commercial Construction & Renovation, I explained how replacing single-use materials with durable equipment, such as Hilmerson Safety Rails, helps keep unnecessary waste out of our dumpsters.

We’re doing our part by designing equipment — which also includes our kits and barrier fence systems — that stands up to the rigors of daily use better than anything else out there.

Yes, I’m fully aware that the process of galvanizing steel is not exactly environmentally friendly but our equipment can last decades. A few years ago, we estimated that we’d saved 265,488 linear feet of 2 x 4 lumber from going into landfills. We also use only U.S. steel, which is associated with lower production emissions.

Hilmerson plants one tree for every 10-foot guard rail panel we sell on behalf of the contractor who bought it. As of July 2022, we’ve planted 5,258 trees in our national forests.

We all benefit when we take better care of our planet.

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Changing a mindset takes a mountain of grit, something that describes Deb Hilmerson perfectly—from her hard hat to her steel toe boots. Her 30 years in construction as a field laborer, Safety Director and Consultant at companies like 3M Worldwide and M.A. Mortenson landed her in the right place at the right time to transform archaic equipment practices on construction sites as President/CEO of Hilmerson Safety. More About Deb

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