Eliminate Obstacles and Hazards

The “Setting” 5S Lean Approach

easiest to move safety rail systemWhether you are an architect, engineer, general contractor, or trade contractor adopting a lean approach can reduce waste and optimize productivity and ultimately improve operational results. But, you need to stop and continually evaluate your methods, talk with your teams and brainstorm where you can implement lean practices to get results.

In the world of construction, efficiency and safety are paramount, and achieving both often requires a well-structured approach.

Today we are going to discuss the second of the 5S Pillars – “Setting” and apply this approach to construction.

5S methodology is built on the idea that a well-organized and managed work-space yields efficient work, a quality product, and a safer work environment.

What is the 5S Setting Method?

Setting is neatly arranging and identifying equipment and tools for ease of use – “A place for everything and everything in its place.”

Sorting Setting Standardizing Shining Sustaining

How Can You Apply the “Setting” 5S Method in Construction?

Because unorganized job sites can lead to worker inefficiency and injury, you want to examine your work environments and evaluate “what equipment or tool obstacles exist?” Are there opportunities to “store” or “stack” and organize items? Can tools and equipment be easily accessed from an ergonomic perspective? Are designated storage locations labeled?

Consider who uses what and at what frequency. When do they use it? Is there a location that would improve efficiency?

What are the Benefits of “Setting” in 5S?

  • creates organization and order.
  • reduces time looking for items and limits travel.
  • simplifies inspection.
  • improves worker efficiency.
  • eliminates obstacles that are hazards.

How Does Hilmerson Engineer to Support the 5S “Setting” Method?

We worked closely with industry leading equipment managers to design “guardrail kit systems” that delivered minimal material handling, simple inventorying, convenient logistics, and rapid installation.  They are also fork accessible, flyable, stackable, and will fit two side-by-side on a flat bed truck.

“The Hilmerson Safety Rail System™ will alleviate human error during installation process. Very simple to use two bases, two pins, and rails. Product design makes it easier to train new users and increases production on projects. Foreman will spend less time with building guardrails and increase man power in other areas.  Compared to other systems your system is a cut above the rest. Especially with the cart station which adds value to keep things organized on the job-site.” – RUSSELL SADLER , MESSER SAFETY – NASHVILLE, TN

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