Mobile Cart vs Rack – Hilmerson Safety Rail System™

When it comes to guardrail system logistics and efficiency, two options from Hilmerson stand out: The Safety Rail Mobile Cart & Kit and The Safety Rail Rack & Kit.

Each is designed with specific features to cater to different needs and environments on construction sites. In this blog, we will compare the characteristics of the Hilmerson Mobile Cart vs Rack to help you pick the kit that fits your project’s needs best.

Guardrail Kit Being Transported

Hilmerson Mobile Cart vs Rack – Safety Rail Kits

Mobile Cart

Safety Rail Cart & Kit - Penetrating Guardrail Anchored Base Kit - Guardrail Kits and Applications Hilmerson Safety Rail System™
  • Penetrating Anchored Base (21)
  • Guardrail Panel with Toe Board
  • Fork Pockets, Pick Points for Lifting

  • Locking Bars for Rail Security: With Pinning Option
  • Shipping Efficiency: Easy to Inventory, Store, Hoist

  • Casters for Cart Mobility (Lockable)
  • Both-End Push Handles for Manual Movement
  • Stackable, Two Carts High w/ 4 Removable Stacking Posts


Safety Rail Rack and Kit
  • Non-Penetrating Weighted Bases (20)
  • Guardrail Panel No Toeboard
  • Fork Pockets, Pick Points for Lifting

  • Lockable Storage Bin

  • Shipping Efficiency: Easy to Inventory, Store, Hoist
  • Security Cable Immobilizes Bases in Transport
  • Long-arm Dolly Hooks & Moves Weighted Bases
  • Adaptability to Uneven Ground: Ideal for uneven ground

The Safety Rail Mobile Cart & Kit:

The Safety Rail Mobile Cart & Kit is designed for use on concrete or other durable surfaces. Here are the distinguishing features:

Incorporated Toeboards:

  • The Mobile Cart includes 200 linear feet of 10’(20) rail panels with integrated toeboards, offering enhanced safety.

Anchored Bases with Locking Casters:

  • Requires a stable surface to support its weight.
  • Anchored bases stack in the side rack.
  • Requires only one single anchor.
  • Locking casters prevent unintentional movement on inclines.

Efficient Stacking and Storage:

  • Four removable stacking posts for easy shipping and stacking.
  • Can be stacked two carts high to save space during storage and shipping.

Visibility and Inspection:

  • 21 anchored bases stacked on the side rack for easy inventory and inspection.
  • 20 10′ safety rail panels (other combinations available)

User-Friendly Handling:

  • Push handles on both ends for manual movement.
  • Two locking bars with pinning option for secure rail mounting during transport.

Cost-Effective Shipping:

  • Allows side-by-side and double stacking during shipping, saving on freight costs.

The Safety Rail Rack & Kit:

The Safety Rail Rack & Kit from Hilmerson is engineered for rooftop applications or areas around trenches and excavations. Here are some key features that set it apart:

Guardrail Kits and Applications Hilmerson Safety Rail System™Caster-Free Design:

  • Unlike the Mobile Cart, the Rack does not have casters.
  • Reason: Most roofs have a rubber-style membrane, and using casters could potentially damage the roof.

Weighted Base:

  • The Rack comes with a non-penetrating, integrated weighted base to avoid rooftop penetration.
  • Special “long-arm” dolly for easy mobility, reducing the risk associated with carrying the weighted base.

Integrated Toeboard Exclusion:

  • The Rack includes 240 lf of 10′ panels OR 200 lf of 10′(16) and 5′(8) panels
  • The Rack does not feature an integrated toeboard. Rooftops often have parapets that act as toeboards, and adding an integrated toeboard could obstruct facilities like electrical conduits or water lines.

Versatile Lifting Options:

  • Four pick points for crane use or fork pockets for forklifts and hoisting straps.
  • Easy to inventory, store, hoist, and ship.

Security Measures:

  • A lockable storage bin with a cover for locking pins.
  • Security cable to keep bases immobile during transport.

Adaptability to Uneven Ground:

  • Ideal for use around trenches and excavations where the ground is typically not level.

Cost-Effective Shipping:

  • Allows side-by-side shipping, saving on freight costs.

Choosing between The Safety Rail Mobile Cart & Kit and The Safety Rail Rack & Kit depends on your specific safety needs and the environment in which they will be utilized. Whether it’s the rooftop adaptability of the Rack or the concrete-focused efficiency of the Cart, there’s a Hilmerson product solution for you.

“We purchased this product to use for the next 15 years or longer, and we are easily recouping our investment,” said Taylor Gunkel, Superintendent & Design Phase Manager at Mortenson. “I’ve never thrown away a piece of Hilmerson railing. It leaves the job in the same condition as it shows up. We just pick it up and store it on the cart. That’s very unique because every other piece of durable equipment on our job sites requires ongoing maintenance. Having the Hilmerson Safety Rail System™ in our inventory has definitely changed the way I plan and budget jobs.”

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