“Reusable safety systems don’t fall into the ‘nice if you can afford it’ column. They actually save money by reducing costs and inefficiencies, as well as providing additional revenue streams,” wrote Hilmerson Safety® President and CEO Deb Hilmerson.

In her exclusive article for Construction Executive Magazine: “Why every commercial contractor should be using reusable safety systems,” Hilmerson stated that nearly all of the top 30 to 50 U.S. ENR (Engineering News-Record)  contractors now embrace reusable safety systems such as construction-grade, 13-gauge hot-dipped galvanized steel guard rails and perimeter fencing systems.

She also verified that cost and waste are causing old-school guard rails to fall out of favor. “While the 2 x 4s will go into a landfill after one job, a construction-grade, galvanized steel railing that is coated with rust-resistant zinc inside and out has a 15-year life expectancy, all while recovering your upfront cost after using it just two to three times. If you are committed to following Lean construction principles, this is an environmentally friendly way to reduce waste and sustain our natural resources,” she pointed out.

Addressing areas that impact nearly every construction executive, Hilmerson explained that reusable safety systems improve productivity, are engineered to safety standards, are more environmentally friendly, look more professional, minimize shipping and handling costs, reduce cash flow variations or inconsistencies and create their own revenue stream.

She pointed out, “If they didn’t see the value, contractors including Mortenson, JE Dunn, Turner Construction, Gilbane, DPR Construction, Ryan Companies and others would not have spent the money adding construction-grade™, reusable rail and fencing systems to their equipment fleets. Likewise, these systems are a consideration for building owners, company executives and other decision-makers when awarding jobs.”

Hilmerson concluded, “Construction-grade™ rail and fencing systems are just the beginning. Watch for this important aspect of our industry to expand dramatically in the coming years.”

View videos of Hilmerson’s Safety Rail System and Barrier Fence System.