Article by Neal St. Anthoy, Photo by Glen Stubbe

Star Tribune, July 26, 2020

Star Tribune feature credits Deb Hilmerson for giving industry safer options 

Deb Hilmerson built Hilmerson Safety® with the idea that investing in safety and sustainability prevents accidents and injuries, and saves construction companies money. Star Tribune Editor Neal St. Anthony shared Deb Hilmerson’s story – from her roots as a daughter of an auto salvage-yard owner to her current role as a respected construction safety professional – in this feature article which ran in the newspaper’s business section.

St. Anthony captured Hilmerson’s experience, drive and passion for the safety industry. This has culminated in Hilmerson Safety’s® reusable, construction-grade™ Hilmerson Safety Rail System™ and Hilmerson Barrier Fence System™. The company’s industry-changing products are used in such places as Allianz Field soccer stadium in St. Paul and U.S. Bank Stadium LRT station in Minneapolis.

Hilmerson explained why her rail systems are better for keeping workers safe, commenting that 2 x 4s are,  “Time consuming to build and only as good as the carpenter who builds them. You never lean on a 2 x 4 guardrail because you can’t rely on them.”

“The new system is safer, sturdier and the fences are 2 feet higher,” Rich Bistodeau, a retired Mortenson Construction site superintendent who has known Hilmerson for years, told the Star Tribune.

Hilmerson Safety® solves problems that affect every construction site, while keeping workers safer and improving efficiency. Our systems are reusable, eliminating the wasteful and time-consuming use of 2 x 4s. Reach out to us to learn more about our products.