Women continue to make the construction industry a more diverse workplace while shaping its practices and culture with a new and different perspective. Construction Dive recognizes the industry’s top female leaders with the 2021 Construction Champions awards.

“In 2021, women in construction are not only working to build some of the country’s largest and most important projects, they also are leaders in another important area: helping to recruit more women into the industry,” said Adeline Koa of Construction Dive, “Many women in construction act as mentors, teachers and advocates to help elevate the industry and make it an attractive career option for other women.”

Finalists are named in the categories of Rising Stars, Up-and-Coming Leaders, Tradeswoman Leaders, Mentors, and Industry Veterans.

Deb Hilmerson, President & CEO / Hilmerson Safety® was awarded among the Industry Veterans. “These women are stalwarts of the industry who are well known and widely respected in their fields,” says the Construction Dive Team.

“I am honored to receive the  2021 Construction Champions awards and be recognized amongst the seasoned women leaders that help shape the industry,” said Deb Hilmerson, President & CEO / Hilmerson Safety®, “My philosophy has always been that to be a leader you need to put yourself in other people’s boots. The products we’ve developed for the construction industry are a direct result of having compassion and empathy for trades men and women working in difficult conditions who need simple, practical, and safe solutions.”

About Hilmerson Safety

Hilmerson Safety® is a full-service safety product design and manufacturing company serving the construction industry. Since 2001 Hilmerson Safety® has been working with construction industry leaders and contractors to develop safe, lean, construction grade™ products and solutions that add to the company’s bottom line. Contact us for more information on our patented and innovative Hilmerson Safety Rail System and Hilmerson Barrier Fence System™.