Innovation Secures Workers on Job Sites, Saves Contractors Time & Money, and Reduces Guardrail Labor and Lumber Waste

Hilmerson Safety® turns a hat-trick at US Patent and Trademark Office with award of its second and third U.S. Patents for its revolutionary Guardrail System.

The second patent, which issued on October 6th as USD898317, recognizes the System’s unique aesthetics, and the third patent, which issued on November 24th as USP10843718, further highlights the System’s most valuable functional aspects.

The Hilmerson Safety Rail System™, now deployed by several construction industry giants, is catching on with top industry players, because it not only ensures their elite professionals get the robust fall protection they deserve, but also saves time and money by reducing guardrail labor and lumber waste.

Hilmerson Safety Rail System™ - Construction workers moving cart

Common construction guardrail challenges like undependable wooden guardrails, extensive installation times, difficulty transporting and storing, wastefulness, and financial losses on costly OSHA fines are all combated with the patented Hilmerson Safety Rail System™.

The Hilmerson Safety Rail System™ was designed and engineered with feedback from construction industry experts with lofty goals in mind: Reinvent the guardrail to eliminate inefficiencies, cut costs, stop waste, generate quick and long-lasting ROI, and improve safety.

The Hilmerson Safety Rail System™ eliminates many recurring project-based costs and allows for quick recovery of acquisition cost and provides a significant return on investment. By purchasing and deploying the System and eliminating wooden 2×4 guardrails, initial cost can be recovered in as quickly as two project deployments.

Customer Success Stories

Inventor and Hilmerson Safety® CEO, Debra Hilmerson, says,

“I’m grateful for the patent recognition, and most importantly, I’m grateful for the trust and confidence that our customers place in us and in our vision for creating American Made innovations that provide win-win-win solutions for people, planet, and profits.”

About Hilmerson Safety

Hilmerson Safety® is a full-service safety product design and manufacturing company serving the construction industry. Since 2001 Hilmerson Safety® has been working with construction industry leaders and contractors to develop safe, lean, construction-grade™ products and solutions that add to the company’s bottom line.

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