Temporary safety railing for stairs
Temporary Guardrail Stair Protection & Slab Grabber Configurations

Stair / Slab Grabber

The Hilmerson Safety® patented Stair / Slab Grabber solution is perfect for installing leading edge fall protection on concrete slabs and for securing handrails on stairs. This specially designed Stair / Slab Grabber includes an anti-slip grip pad, swivel design, a quick-adjust handle, and is compliant with all applicable OSHA regulations.

The patented Stair / Slab Grabber is fast and easy to install, and adjusts to fit concrete slabs 5-16 inches thick. Its robust, galvanized construction makes it extremely resistant to corrosion and damage. The Stair / Slab Grabber is safe, fast, lean, and American Made.

  • Robust, construction-grade, hot-dipped galvanized steel

  • NEW Multi-Use – clamps to concrete slabs and/or stairs

  • Adjusts to fit concrete slabs 5” -16”

  • Swivels 50 degrees for easy adjustments to subsurface

  • Only 20 ft-lbs of torque is needed to secure the Stair / Slab Grabber to slab edge.  Wrench adjustment optional.

  • Compatible with Hilmerson Safety Rails with or without toeboards

  • Engineered and OSHA compliant

  • temporary safety railing for stairs
  • Temporary Guardrail Stair Protection & Slab Grabber Configurations
  • Multi-Use Stair/Slab Grabber Clamps

Four Versatile Safety Rail Attachment Options

HLM-GRBPXG Patented Penetrating Anchored Base Plate designed for concrete requiring a SINGLE anchor
HLM-SSGG Multi-Use Patented Stair / Slab Grabber
HLM-GRBPHXG Non-Penetrating Weighted Base Plate
HLM-GRWMG Guardrail Wall Mount Plate

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