Three Ways to Curb the Rise of Non-Fatal Construction Injuries

OSHA reports that non-fatal construction injuries are on the rise. Even if you have a relatively clean safety record, it is prudent to consider using better, safer and more efficient options as they become available. As Hilmerson President and CEO Deb Hilmerson advised Construction Executive readers in this article, “Now is not the time to be complacent.”

Hilmerson observed that, “a history of, and reputation for, stringent safety protocols will help contractors win more bids and reduce potential exposure to costly fines.” She shared solutions to three areas of concern with readers. Details for each area are in the article.

  1. Fogged safety glasses in the COVID era making it challenging to maneuver around job sites and complete tasks. “The best recourse is not to skimp on safety glasses. Give workers good glasses so they will wear them and stay protected.”
  2. Scaffolding-related slips, falls or falling objects. “These risks can be managed with ongoing safety training and frequent inspections.”
  3. Fall protection, including ladders and safety railing. “There are now safety rails made with 13-gauge hot-dipped galvanized steel, the same material used to construct heavy duty scaffolding. As an added safety feature, some rapid-install systems are also designed so workers can visually see if they are properly connected.”
Three Ways to Curb the Rise of Non-Fatal Construction Injuries

Please reach out to us. As this industry’s trusted safety experts, we are committed to helping you create lean, injury-free job sites.

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