Fall Protection Guardrails – 7 Ways to Prevent Injury and Reduce Risk

The challenge for all contractors is to maintain a reasonable balance between productivity, quality and safety to ensure injury-free work zones.

We know when more value is put on schedule and budget with greater emphasis on production, injuries are more likely to occur.

Deploying an engineered guardrail system vs. the typical 2×4 guardrail system on construction sites can help prevent injury and reduce risk in the following ways:

Fall Protection Guardrails
  1. Use of lower-consequence power tools in the form of a drill versus a pneumatic nail gun and circular saw to prepare and install components reduces injury risk.
  2. Unitized delivery and movement via a wheeled safety rail cart “kit” to the point of installation minimizes lifting and carrying risks.
  3. No nails or screws are used that present a cut or impalement hazard.
  4. A manufactured engineered system conforms to the OSHA guardrail performance requirements, which provides safer working conditions and lower risk of violation.
  5. The application of swing gates provides secured access.
  6. An integrated toe board provides falling object prevention, and debris netting is easily installed using clips.
  7. Less time is spent at a leading edge installing an engineered rail versus a wood rail, further reducing risk.

“The Hilmerson Safety Rail System™ alleviates human error during the installation process. Very simple to use: two bases, two pins, and rails.”
-Russell Sadler, Messer Safety

“Our subcontractors report they feel safer working around a stout metal guardrail system vs wood.”
-Superintendent, Mortenson

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