When you are a trailblazer in your industry, your peers take notice. Debra Hilmerson was honored when Modern Contractor Solutions asked her to write this article about some of the safety equipment trends that she’s helping to fuel and guide. She focused specifically on next-generation reusable, durable guardrail systems that are safer, faster and simpler … and how they benefit general contractors of all sizes.

“The future belongs to reinvented guardrails that solve many chronic problems,” she wrote. “Industry people kept asking for a better solution but options were limited. So, we spent 2-½ years talking with industry-leading contractors, foremen and tradespeople to determine what would keep the industry happy, OSHA happy, and save lives.”

Three years ago, Hilmerson Safety® introduced the construction-grade, rapid-install Hilmerson Safety Rail System™. “I wanted to create a construction-grade™ guardrail system that would come as a kit. It would contain all the necessary components for easy rollout, faster installation, maneuverability, stacking and storing, inventorying, and be efficient and economical to ship from one project to the next,” she recalled in the article.

Modern Contractor Solutions readers also learned that the new reusable rail system resolves numerous major pain points for contractors, ranging from wasted time and materials to ease of installation and more professional-looking jobsites.

“This is the direction the industry is going,” Hilmerson concluded. “Contractors realize the old way of doing business needs to change. Using 2 x 4s is wasteful and time consuming. You don’t get money back by throwing 2 x 4s away, and you certainly aren’t making money spending wasteful time building them.”

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